Michael Portillo
23 July 2020

With great regret, due to Covid-19, and legislation regarding social distancing, this event will not be taking place. Please telephone 01260 223456 for further details.

7.30pm performance

Returning with his battered Bradshaw’s Guide after yet more railway adventures, there are few more engaging public speakers than the politician turned television documentary maker.

Having now filmed an incredible 11 series of the BBC’s hugely popular Great British Railway journeys (as well as epic spin-offs from Asia, Australia, America and more) Michael is surprisingly game to try all sorts of nonsense for the camera, from stoking a steam-engine’s enormous boiler to engaging in a spot of Alaskan Grouse dancing complete with full feathers!

As a result, he has some rather good stories, and for a former Westminster big-wig is surprisingly ready to poke fun at himself, whilst at the same time usually giving an interesting insight, or making a thought-provoking point.

A regular on numerous peak-time political programmes (both on TV and radio), he also has a rare ability to analyse the big issues of the day with good humour and sense, which should serve him well when, as usual, questions will be invited from the audience in the second half.

(No Children under six years old may attend performances.)