Jane Eyre
26 June 2020

With great regret, due to Covid-19, and legislation that theatres must remain closed, this event will not be taking place. Please telephone 01260 223456 for further details.

7.30pm performance

Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel is brought vividly to life by the award-winning Chapterhouse Theatre Company.

Set in the north of England, the story follows our eponymous heroine as she rises from a lonely, cruel childhood (having been orphaned) to become governess of Thornfield Hall.

Here, she falls in love with the brooding and mysterious Edward Rochester, her employer. With a spirit and independence forged during a difficult youth, she proves the perfect foil for his initial arrogance, and they soon come to enjoy each other’s company, spending many happy evenings together.

But as they do so, strange things start to happen at the house, and a dark secret emerges. Will Jane follow her principles? Will she finally find happiness? Join us for one of the great romances in English literature.

(No Children under six years old may attend performances.)